Welcome to the NLP Biz Coach website! I’m Dennis Consorte and I work with a small number of small business owners who want the benefits of success coaching.

When you’re ready to talk about taking your life and career to the next level, head on over to my LinkedIn profile. Start by requesting a connection.

A view from one of the top floors of The Freedom Tower during a client visit

After you request a connection on LinkedIn, please read my profile. You will see my experience as a business owner over the last 20 years. It’s important that you read through my professional experience in full, from the bottom to the top, so that you know my story. When you’ve completed this task, you will know whether I am the right fit for you.

If my story sounds similar to your own, and if you think that I can help you get past some of the hurdles of your own business in much the same way that I got past my hurdles, then send me a direct message on LinkedIn explaining your circumstances and contact information. At that point, I will assess whether I also believe that I can help you. If we are aligned, then I will give you a sense of my available bandwidth, and what we can hope to achieve together. If it all lines up, then we can get started with your first NLP business coaching session.